Monday, April 28, 2014

In which Spring has sprung, and Grasshopper is revealed to have a 'Y' chromosome.

One of these cats is bigger than the other.
What happened in April? Is it really almost gone? April was a month of snow, more snow, more cold, everyone wondering when the snow would finally leave us and let us get on with spring, and then it happened and the snow was gone and the birds are chirping (and the cats are jostling for position in the open windows, because BIRDS).

My mother-in-law threw a baby shower for me, which was duck-tastically delightful! We revealed the sex of our baby: it's a boy! Liam's Aunt Sharon proved to be deviously clever at baby shower games and trounced us all.

Baby things are so soft!
Quack quack!

Liam continues to excel in his job a Training Coordinator at the credit union. This month he coordinated an entire financial literacy fair (comprised of dozens of volunteers from several NH credit unions) at which hundreds of local high school students learned about financial planning and budgeting and why it is important. We all remember those days when we naively thought we were going to be millionaires early in our 20's because we were going to make it big... He gets most of them to pay attention right off by pointing out the statistics of the NFL (in that the average NFL career lasts 2 years, and that the average former-NFL player is bankrupt within 3 years, due to poor financial planning). This really drives home that their get-rich-quick schemes only really matter if they can stay rich.

Grasshopper is obviously the reincarnation of Emperor Palpatine. Oops.

That's better! Look at his little face!